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After the great success of our festival that was visited by 10145 visitors in 2010, we would like to invite you to IstroCON 2011 and Comics Salon 2011. This year, the shows will take place on the 16th, 17th and 18th september 2010 in ISTROPOLIS.More information, news and details about the festival will be published on our website regulary.

24th annual volume of the international festival IstroCON 2011 will provide you with 3 days of a rich and variable program. During the festival, it will be running in all of the salons and rooms simultaneously.
  • screening of interesting movie hits
  • Sections concentrating on sci-fi, fantasy and horor
  • Competitons, lectures and workshops about Literature
  • playing of card-games and table-games (World of Warcraft,MTG, Pokémon, Yu-gi-oh)
  • Relax and spend time with your friends in the bar, teahouse and restaurant

8th annual volume of the international festival Comics Salon 2011 will provide you with 3 days of a rich and variable program. During the festival, it will be running in all of the salons and rooms simultaneously.
  • presentations and exhibition of comics and manga
  • Sections about anime, comics, manga and games
  • tournaments and playing of the newest computer games
  • discussions and presentations of japanese culture
  • expert presentations and workshops focusing on anime, mangy, games, comics and popculture
  • competitions in karaoke, cosplay, drawing, games, ...

TICKETS can be bought since 2011-07-02 here on our website or in the shops of BRLOH in Bratislava (Heydukova 4, Aupark, POLUS, Avion), Kosice(OC Optima), Nitra (od Centro), Trnava (OC MAX), Trencin, Banska Bystrica (Europa), Žilina (Mirage) and Presov. The pre-order price for one 3-days ticket is 12,90 Eur until 15.8. / 13,90 Eur until 5.9. / 14,90 Eur since 6.9.

AT THE FESTIVAL: Friday: 9,90 Eur, Saturday: 9,90 Eur, Sunday: 9,90 Eur, 3 days: 15,90 Eur, Pre-order ticket for 3 days: 12,90 Eur until 15.8. / 13,90 Eur until 8.9. / 14,90 Eur since 9.9.

Accomodation 3 possibilities - register here:

  • 1. Hotel Zavod Sluzieb Zeleznic - 5m from Istropolis - 2 or 3 bed rooms for 16 Eur/night + breakfast.
  • 2. Gym - 400m from Istropolis - 4,5 Eur/2 nights
  • 3. Hotel Doprastav - 800m from Istropolis - 1, 2 and 3 beds rooms for 23, 18 and 15 Eur per night
  • OTHER: Hotel Possonium (web), Hotel Zvarac (web), Hotel Turist (web) and Hotel Nivy (web)


Photos from IstroCON 2010


Signing by Miso Ivan - 14.09.2011
Signing by Miso IvanV Sobotu 17. septembra od 15:00 – Autor vizuálnej podoby Úžasných superintetov od Orangeu, svetovo úspešný fantasy a comics ilustrátor Michal Ivan, bude rozdávať podpisy na úžasnej superautogramiáde. Okrem karty z jeho podpisom si môžete zo stánku Úžasných superinternetov odniesť aj nemenej úžasné komiksové supertričko.

TICKETS will be available on SPOT - 10.09.2011
TICKETS will be available on SPOTThe tickests will for sale also at the convention center. Also accomodation until free spots last.

WIN with FaceBook games and VIP ticket - 18.08.2011
WIN with FaceBook games and VIP ticketWe have finally started our fan page on Facebook and so we would like to celebrate this event with a little competition. One of you may win 3 PC games and VIP ticket to our VIP partz, which will be held during the festivals friday evening. All you have to do is to join our fan-page. The links are www.facebook.com/comicssalon and / or http://www.facebook.com/istrocon

Death Note + CREW - 09.09.2011
Death Note + CREWOn Comics Salon we would like to bring you the newest mangas published in our country. So one of our premieres will be the release of Death Note. Come and have a talk with the publishers about manga publishing and their plans.

More news...

Tombola: PS3s, PSP and lot more! - 08.09.2011
Slovak Championship in PlayStation 2011 - 06.09.2011
PROGRAM is on-line - 17.08.2011
EXCLUSIVE: Pump It Up: FIESTA EX 2011 - 10.08.2011
COMPETITION: AMV (Anime Music Video) - 16.07.2011
You may pay with CULTURE VOUCHERS - 11.07.2011
TICKETS on sale - 10.07.2011
COMPETITION: Fan Art and Original Art - 06.07.2011
COMPETITION: Cosplay Theatre - play a funny scene - 21.06.2011
IstroCON 2 - Anthology - 15.06.2011

16 - 18 September 2011

Location of the Festival
BUS: 31, 39, 51, 53, 61, 63, 68, 78 a 74 from Main Train Station

TRAMS: 1, 2, 4, 9, 14 a 8 from Main Train Station

TROLLEYS 201, 204, 209

ISTROPOLIS - Dom Odborov, Trnavské Mýto, Bratislava


Organized under the patronage of Embassy of Japan

Pre-Order HERE!
3 days - 11 Eur
Order List

Reserve HERE!
Free beds:

Hotel Istropolis: 0/47
Hotel Doprastav: 0/20
Hotel Zvarac: 0 z 0
School: 13/200

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Visitor no. 3263539

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IstroCON 2011

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