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IstroCON 2010

Comics Salon 2010
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After the great success of our festival that was visited by 9006 visitors in 2008, we would like to invite you to IstroCON 2010 and Comics Salon 2009. This year, the shows will take place on the 17th, 18th and 19th september 2010 in ISTROPOLIS.More information, news and details about the festival will be published on our website regulary.

23rd annual volume of the international festival IstroCON 2010 will provide you with 3 days of a rich and variable program. During the festival, it will be running in all of the salons and rooms simultaneously.
  • screening of interesting movie hits
  • Sections concentrating on sci-fi, fantasy and horor
  • Competitons, lectures and workshops about Literature
  • playing of card-games and table-games (World of Warcraft,MTG, Pokémon, Yu-gi-oh)
  • Relax and spend time with your friends in the bar, teahouse and restaurant

7th annual volume of the international festival Comics Salon 2010 will provide you with 3 days of a rich and variable program. During the festival, it will be running in all of the salons and rooms simultaneously.
  • presentations and exhibition of comics and manga
  • Sections about anime, comics, manga and games
  • tournaments and playing of the newest computer games
  • discussions and presentations of japanese culture
  • expert presentations and workshops focusing on anime, mangy, games, comics and popculture
  • competitions in karaoke, cosplay, drawing, games, ...


Photos from IstroCON 2010


Dragon - award from slovak fandom - 06.12.2010
Dragon - award from slovak fandomThe Dragon award is being awarded every year be slovak fandom for an extraordinary effort done to promote scifi & fantasy to public. We have received Dragon 2009 for IstroCON / Comics Salon 2009. Thanks!

ADVIK joins our conventions - 29.11.2010
ADVIK joins our conventionsWe have super news for you. The biggest czech anime, manga, japan, games and science fiction & fantasy convention ADVIK joins our family of conventions. We would like to invite you to Prague on 28.7.-1.8.2011. www.facebook.com/advik.cz

We won the run for organizing Parcon 2012 in Bratislava! - 21.10.2010
We won the run for organizing Parcon 2012 in Bratislava!We just received the honor to organize Parcon 2012 in Bratislava, because we won the run for this opportunity in 2012. Parcon is the most important convention of fantasy and scifi in Slovakia and Czech republic visited by the most respected public figures from the fandom like famous writer Ondrej Neff

Euroaward for the best promoter/organiser of convetions in Europe! - 19.10.2010
Euroaward for the best promoter/organiser of convetions in Europe!The European Science Fiction Society awarded the Eurocon prize for the best promoter/organiser of conventions in Europe to Robert Zittnan, the organizer of IstroCON, Comics Salon, AnimeSHOW and GAME EXPO. Which awards the whole team of our conventions as well for their good work. Thanks!

More news...

MangaFEST 2011 - coming in 2011 - 17.10.2010
New section POP CUTURE - 10.10.2010
IC and CS 2010 - entertained 10 000 visitors - 23.09.2010
Send us your PHOTOS and VIDEO - 21.09.2010
TICKETS will be available on SPOT - 12.09.2010
WIN with FaceBook games and VIP ticket - 22.07.2010
Card & Board games on GAME EXPO 2010 - 15.09.2010
New CS Movie: Jove of My Life - 14.09.2010
Tombola: PS3s, PSP and lot more! - 13.09.2010
Festival program magazine C MAGAZIN - 11.09.2010

17 - 19 September 2010

Location of the Festival
BUS: 31, 39, 51, 53, 61, 63, 68, 78 a 74 from Main Train Station

TRAMS: 1, 2, 4, 9, 14 a 8 from Main Train Station

TROLLEYS 201, 204, 209

ISTROPOLIS - Dom Odborov, Trnavské Mýto, Bratislava


Organized under the patronage of Embassy of Japan

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IstroCON 2010

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